Last Week

At the beginning of the semester I was very hesitant about taking this course.But now I my ideas are totaly change.Because I saw that I could over come.Before this course I was interested with internet But not very much.With this lesson,I learned how to use internet beneficially.For example in the future I’m sure that I will never prepare my presentation to the students on powerpoint because I will use Prezi to not get my students bored and enjoy the lesson.I I didn’t take this lesson,I couldn’t meet this tools so earlier.Thanks to this lesson,I don’t afraid complicated tools because now I know I will manage them and I will use this tools in every fields of my life.

I didn’t have any trouble with lesson.First week I thought I couln’t handle because of intensity of my lessons.But with the help of teacher It didn’t go happen in this way.

I want to thank Sedat hoca for everything.He was very patient all weeks.He taught all subject very clearly.Thanks again all of these 🙂


Today we talk about Weebly.We will prepare a website.This is our final project.This is a free websites.I don’t know very much about websites.We can use those websites as an identity which reflects our personalities.But I couln’t find any subject about the website.I hope I can find one.I’m very anxious about preparing a websites.I think I want some help from my friend.



Today,we learned Movie Maker and how we prepare a story book on Story Jumper .I was familiar with Movie Maker.We prepared a dijital story for Teaching Very Young Learners Class.So,preparing a dijital story was easy for me.I chose Three Little Pig for my dijital story and for story book.I found some pictures related to the story.This class was really beneficial for us.When we become a teacher,we can use this tools in our class.I’m sure that kids love that.


We have learned prezi in this week.It is a wonderful thing.You can create awesome and creative presentations with prezi.We have a final project for this course and we will use 3 tools and prezi is one of them.I’m very excited.We have to make group of 3 for final project.we will create a prezi account and a presentation.We will send an email to our teacher and he will see what we will do.I really enjoyed from prezi and I will use prezi in the other lesson presentation.It has very good temples.very colourfull !! :))


We talk about mobile learning.M-learning technologies include handheld computers, MP3 players, notebooks, mobile phones and tablets. M-learning focuses on the mobility of the learner, interacting with portable technologies, and learning that reflects a focus on how society and its institutions can accommodate and support an increasingly mobile population.Using mobile tools for creating learning aides and materials becomes an important part of informal learning.

I’m familiar with m-learning.I use smart phone and ipad.I can see my grades,notes and I can use dictionary wherever I want.These devices really useful and necessary for humankind. 🙂


In forth week’s topics are Facebook,Twitter groups and how we can use this group in our teaching environment.I’m familiar with this group in my social and educational life.My highschool friends create a facebook group and we are in touch with this group.Also our teachers use Facebook group and this groups are very useful for us.

For this week task we have to join a group and we share our findings from the group in this reflection paper.I join English Teachers group.The group has 7.226 member.They communicate with the english teachers all over the world.They share their experiences of teaching English with teacher all over the world.In this group they share useful links,videos,pictures etc.They tell their real problems in their classes and the others recommend what he or she can do.You can look teaching English globally.I enjoy from this group.